Fos-sur-Mer Caban Plant


LyondellBasell’s Fos Caban plant is an integrated facility producing propylene oxide (PO), tertiary butyl alcohol (TBA), propylene glycols and methyl/ethyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE/ETBE). These products are used to produce consumer products.

Some of the propylene oxide produced at Fos is used to make polyols at an operating unit owned by Covestro. Polyols are used to make urethane foams for uses including home furnishings and automotive seating.

PO also is used to produce propylene glycol, a basic chemical used in the production of deicers, fragrances, food products, medicines, household products, detergents, hygiene products and cosmetics.The PO coproduct, TBA, is used in the production of MTBE or bio ETBE (for biofuels) which are octane enhancers for gasoline.

The Fos Caban plant is located on the Mediterranean coast of France, about 70 kilometers west of Marseille. The plant contains about 133 acres and began operations in 1988.

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