La Porte Complex


The La Porte Complex is on the south shore of the Houston Ship Channel in the Battleground Industrial District near the San Jacinto Monument.

The complex occupies 549 acres and is bisected by Miller Cut-Off Road. The complex has two barge docks on the channel.   

Our commitment to sustainable growth balances our responsibility to provide economic value for our stakeholders, with respect for the social concerns of the community in which we operate, and with care for the environment around us.

Providing Economic Value

  • Approximately 613 employees and contractors  (493 resident contractors and employess)
  • Annual payroll and benefits of $40 million ($47.2MM)
  • Site purchases of approximately $404.5 million of local goods and services ($587.7MM)
  • Annual property tax payments of $12 million ($12.3MM)

The La Porte Complex comprises two companies of LyondellBasell. The Equistar Chemicals business produces ethylene, propylene, linear low-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene. These products are used to manufacture bottles for household and industrial chemicals, dairy crates and bread trays, toys, tanks, automotive, wire & cable & injection molding. They also are used in a variety of lightweight and heavy plastic bags for food, merchandise bags, dry cleaning, trash cans, mulch, potting soil and other uses.

The Acetyls business includes an integrated chain of manufacturing units producing acetic acid and vinylacetate monomer (VAM). VAM process combines Acetic Acid with ethylene and oxygen to produceVAM. Acetic Acid is produced meeting food grade requirements for shipping within the food industry. Other applications include terephthalic acid (used in polyester for textiles and PET for plastic bottles), industrial solvents and other chemicals. Vinyl acetate monomer is a chemical building block used to manufacture a variety of products, including water-based paints, adhesives, textile and paper coatings.

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