Hyperzone PE Technology

The Next Evolution in Polyethylene Technology for the Plastics Industry

LyondellBasell continues its tradition of innovation with the introduction of a new polyolefin process, Hyperzone PE technology, which produces high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin with exceptional characteristics. This technology utilizes three distinct reaction zones in two reactors, which enables the production of tailored polymer structures to meet customers’ demanding processing and product requirements.

Hyperzone PE technology produces HDPE that enables our customers to obtain an optimal balance between ease of processing and high performance end-product physical properties.

Product Benefits (based on pilot plant results)

Hyperzone HDPE Properties:

  • Improved processability

  • Superior toughness properties

  • Improved chemical resistance

Customer Benefits:

  • Achieve source reduction in some applications

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve durability of final products

  • Improve crack growth resistance in pipes

Construction on LyondellBasell’s proprietary Hyperzone PE plant in La Porte, TX was completed in 2019. The plant has achieved full-scale production utilizing the company’s new technology.

Advancing Solutions and Performance in:

  • Water pipes
  • Gas pipes
  • Industrial pipes
  • Household bottles
  • Industrial bottles
  • Toys
  • Industrial packaging
  • Intermediate bulk containers
  • Retail carry out bags
  • Institutional can liners
  • Produce bags

Product Processing Methods:

  • Blow molding
  • Pipe
  • Film