Our commitment as a socially responsible company means that we operate our facilities in a manner that protects people and the environment and preserves our world for future generations.

LyondellBasell is committed to continuous improvement in safety, security, environmental performance, reliability and open communication. Our Pipeline Integrity Management, Damage Prevention and Public Awareness programs help us operate our pipelines safely and protect our neighbors and the environment. Underground pipelines are the safest means of transportation for a variety of products that are used in consumer goods that enhance our quality of life such as textiles, furnishings, construction and automotive materials.

Our pipeline network uses a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to continuously monitor and control pipeline operations.  Controllers are on duty around the clock to operate the pipelines and monitor safety parameters. Remote metering and booster stations are protected with safety systems that automatically shut down a pipeline if operational limits are exceeded.

Underground pipelines are protected against external corrosion by coatings and cathodic protection systems. Chemical corrosion-inhibitors and maintenance cleaning operations reduce the potential for internal corrosion. Periodically, in-line inspection tools are run through the pipelines to evaluate their mechanical integrity. These devices can accurately identify potential corrosion issues and external damage (such as dents), thereby allowing maintenance crews to repair the pipeline before a safety issue exists.

The most frequent cause of pipeline damage and emergencies are excavations by third parties striking the pipeline. The establishment of One Call Damage Prevention Centers has significantly lowered this type of damage to pipelines and other underground utilities. All people are required by law to telephone a One Call Center (via 8-1-1) prior to any excavation. This free, easy call results in pipeline operators marking the location of their pipelines and helps protect the public from injury and expense. To learn more about One Call centers in Texas, visit; in Louisiana, visit

Safety Performance

Our pipeline operations group continues to improve its safety performance. Employees have achieved noteworthy safety milestones, such as exceeding 33 years without a lost-time injury (one serious enough to require a worker to miss work). Our goal each day is zero injuries and all pipeline employees and contractors take that responsibility personally.

Public Awareness Program

Our company actively communicates about our pipelines to residents, businesses, schools and other groups within 1,000 feet of our pipeline. We use direct mail campaigns, personal visits and meetings with business people, local and state emergency response and planning agencies to make people aware of our pipeline, how to recognize leaks, what to do in an emergency and other valuable information.

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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is our commitment to reliably and flawlessly execute our operations to meet our goals in safety, environmental stewardship and efficiency. Operational Excellence enables us to build a sustainable future for ourselves and the many communities we serve.


The American Petroleum Institute, National Petrochemical & Refiners Association and the Texas Chemical Council have recognized our community outreach and environmental and safety performances with numerous awards.

Energy Efficiency

LyondellBasell is an Energy Star partner in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star program. Through this program and other corporate energy-saving initiatives, LyondellBasell is improving energy efficiency at its global manufacturing sites, reducing energy costs and environmental emissions. In 2006, the company set an energy goal of 2 percent reduction per year for five years for its U.S. operations. LyondellBasell not only achieved the initial U.S. goal, the company saw a 10 percent energy reduction goal worldwide by 2011.