Hostalen ACP 6031D



Hostalen ACP 6031D is a high density polyethylene resin used in small blow molding applications such as thin-wall packaging and consumer goods. It exhibits very high stiffness. Hostalen ACP 6031D is delivered in pellet form, contains antioxidants and has a broad molecular weight distribution.

Hostalen ACP 6031D is not intended for use in medical and pharmaceutical applications.


Africa-Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, South & Central America


SDS - Safety Data Sheet
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Product Data and Technical Information

Typical Properties

Melt Flow Rate (190 °C/2.16 kg) 0.35 g/10 min
Melt Flow Rate (190 °C/5.0 kg) 1.2 g/10 min
Melt Flow Rate (190 °C/21.6 kg) 23 g/10 min
Density 0.960 g/cm³
Bulk Density >0.500 g/cm³
Tensile Modulus 1420 MPa
Tensile Stress at Yield 30 MPa
Tensile Strain at Yield 7 %
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance F₅₀ 130 hr
FNCT (6.0 MPa, 2% Arkopal N100, 50 °C) 14 hr
Charpy Impact Strength - Notched (-30 °C, Type 1, Edgewise, Notch A) 6 kJ/m²
Tensile Impact Strength 65 kJ/m²
Shore Hardness (Shore D) 64
Ball Indentation Hardness (H 132/30) 63 MPa
Melt Temperature 180 - 210 °C

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


Extrusion Blow Molding, Injection Blow Molding


High Density Polyethylene


Bottles For Consumer Goods, Bottles for Industrial Use, Jerry Cans, Sports, Leisure & Toys