Pipeline Operations


We operate and maintain approximately 1,500 miles of pipeline in Texas and Louisiana.

Pipeline Emergency: In the event of an emergency involving an Equistar Chemicals pipeline, call 800-525-7516.

LyondellBasell operates and maintains approximately 1,500 miles of pipelines in Texas and Louisiana. Our pipelines move products such as ethylene, polymer grade propylene, chemical grade propylene, butadiene, benzene, pyrolysis gasoline and propane. Feedstocks such as condensates, diesels, natural gasolines, butane, propane, ethane, natural gas, butylenes and raffinates are also moved through our pipeline system.

The company’s pipeline group also oversees two storage facilities in Texas. Employees operate the pipeline systems and the storage facilities 24 hours a day from the pipeline operations control center in LyondellBasell's Clear Lake Facility in Houston, Texas. Additional employees are stationed at various sites along the system.

In 2020, the pipeline transported approximately 263 million barrels of liquids though the pipeline system.

Performance Summary

Our commitment to sustainable growth balances our responsibility to provide economic value for our stakeholders, while respecting the social concerns of the community in which we operate, and demonstrating care for the environment around us.

Providing Economic Value

  • Approximately 189 employees and contractors

  • Site purchases of more than $28 million annually in goods and services

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