Pipeline Operations

Pipeline Emergency:  In the event of an emergency involving an Equistar Chemicals pipeline, call 800-525-7516.

The LyondellBasell Equistar Pipeline operates approximately 1,500 miles of liquid and gas transmission pipelines along the Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana. The pipelines transport feedstocks and chemical products to LyondellBasell sites and other petrochemical customers from Corpus Christi to Lake Charles. Additionally, the pipeline group operates and maintains two underground hydrocarbon storage facilities in Mont Belvieu and Markham. The Mont Belvieu Facility has the potential storage capacity of about 14.5 million barrels of liquid hydrocarbons, which is equivalent to 609 million gallons of milk, or it could fill approximately 900 Olympic-sized swimming pools. 

Equistar Pipeline transports approximately 275 million barrels of liquids annually through the pipeline system. Products such as ethylene, polymer-grade propylene, chemical-grade propylene, butadiene, benzene, pyrolysis gasoline, and propane all move through the pipelines. Feedstocks such as condensates, diesels, natural gasolines, butane, propane, ethane, natural gas, butylenes and raffinates are also moved through the pipeline system. In addition, Pipeline has plans to begin transporting renewable feedstock (biodiesel) to support the LyondellBasell Circulen portfolio. 

Employees operate the pipeline systems and the storage facilities 24 hours a day from the pipeline operations control center in Clear Lake 

The Pipeline focuses on people's safety, aiming for zero injuries and zero process, product, and environmental safety incidents. The LyondellBasell GoalZERO standards apply to all employees, contractors and suppliers performing work at the sites. 

Pipeline operations support the community through donations to organizations such as Mont Belvieu Fire Department, Markham Fire Department,  San Jacinto Museum and Battlefield, Holiday Angels and Clear Creek ISD.  

To learn more about this location, download the Fact Sheet listed to the right of this page. 

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