Personal Data We Collect

What types of personal data do we collect and where do we get it from?

The personal data we process about you broadly falls into five main categories: (i) Contact Information; (ii) Background and Identity Information; (iii) Customer / Supplier Information; (iv) Marketing Preferences; and (v) Website Information / Browsing and Device Usage Information. Just because these categories are noted below, that does not necessarily mean that we will collect all such personal data about you. What we collect will depend on how you engage with us, and thus the purpose which we have your personal data for.

We collect your personal data from various sources. The table below sets out the different types of personal data that we collect and the sources we collect it from.

Please note that your personal data is a prerequisite for our engagement with you, therefore, if you do not provide us with your Contact Information we may not be able to provide you with any information you request, and if you do not provide us with your Contact Information, Background and Identity / Regulatory Information or certain Customer / Supplier Information, we may not be able to provide goods or services to you, or work with you as one of our suppliers (as applicable).


Category Types of personal data Collection from
Contact Information 
  • Name 
  • Address 
  • Telephone number 
  • Organization details (e.g. your place of work, job title and organization contact information) 
  • Business and private e-mail addresses 
  • You 
  • Publicly available resources (such as LinkedIn) 
Background and Identity / Regulatory Information 
  • Contact Information (see above) 
  • Date of birth 
  • Identification information (e.g. passport, utility bill and/or bank statement) 
  • Nationality 
  • You 
  • Third party systems used for our regulatory checks 
Customer / Supplier Information 
  • Contact Information (see above) 
  • Order information for goods and services purchased or sold by you (or your organization) 
  • Digital signature 
  • Delivery details 
  • Any communications we have with you, whether related to a specific transaction or a separate inquiry (e.g. when you contact a LyondellBasell Sales Representative through our website) 
  • Information about other people (e.g. your customers and/or staff) that you share with us in connection with a specific transaction or contract with us 
  • Any fraud checks or flags raised about your transactions/payment card refusals 
  • User IDs/log-ins and passwords used by you in relation to our platforms and services 
  • You/your organization’s billing, payment and banking details 
  • Criminal conviction data 
  • Sensitive information (see sub-categories below) 
  • You 
  • Advisors and other third parties working with you 
Marketing Preferences 
  • Marketing communications preferences 
  • You 
  • Publicly available information from online resources such as LinkedIn 
Website Information / Browsing and Device Usage Information 
  • Contact Information (see above) 
  • Information automatically generated through your use of our websites and other digital platforms 
  • Details of your online browsing activities on our website, such as the pages, products or areas of our website that you visit 
  • IP address and other online identifiers / web beacons 
  • User names, passwords, email, name and other log-in information 
  • Information revealing the location of your electronic device 
  • You and your use of our digital platforms 
Sensitive Information 
  • Racial or ethnic origin (including your nationality and passport information) 
  • Information relating to actual or suspected criminal convictions and offenses (pursuant to anti-money laundering and identity checks) 
  • You 
  • Third party systems used for our identity checks