Ending Plastic Waste: Building a Circular Economy

Plastics are essential in providing solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. As lightweight, hygienic, and durable materials, they play a vital role in products used around the globe, every day. Unfortunately, the mismanagement of plastic waste has reached a tipping point. Society, governments and industry are accelerating efforts to close the loop and prevent plastic leakage to the environment, keeping plastics circulating in the economy through recycling and reuse. We believe circularity is critical to helping end plastic waste, and it also offers strong economic, social and climate benefits. 



Our Approach

  • Expand our recycling capacity globally

  • Accelerate the development and implementation of scalable recycling technologies, including our advanced recycling technology, MoReTec

  • Optimize the value chain for circularity by building integrated regional hubs to access and supply plastic waste feedstock

  • Invest along our value chain to become a full-solution provider for customers and brand owners

  • Grow our Circulen portfolio of recycled and renewable-based products 

  • Catalyze investments from venture funds’ partners to increase the recovery and recycling of plastic and accelerate technology and other solutions to end plastic waste

  • Support effective policies and infrastructure development that improve plastic waste management and recycling through engagement with governments and industry peers


Our Goals

  • Produce and market at least two million metric tons of recycled and renewable based polymers annually by 2030
  • For every dollar we invest in venture funds that address the plastic waste challenge, we help catalyze another 5 dollars from co-investors
  • Zero loss of plastic pellets to the environment from our operations


Read more in our Sustainability Report




We are helping to advance circularity and sustainability of plastics through three complementary pathways; mechanical recyclingadvanced recycling, and use of renewable-based feedstocks. These routes provide different value propositions to our customers by reusing and recycling plastic waste and lowering GHG emissions. Polymers made using these technologies are marketed under the Circulen brand.

Learn About Advanced Molecular Recycling

Our proprietary MoReTec technology aims to return plastic waste to its molecular form for use as feedstock for new plastic materials. The products produced can be used in a wide range of applications including food packaging and medical supplies, which are subjected to more stringent regulatory standards.


Learn About Mechanical Recycling

Our joint venture, Quality Circular Polymers (QCP), is a premium plastics recycling company. QCP uses a mechanical recycling process to produce premium plastic pellets from plastic waste for use in a range of applications including electrical appliances, washing detergent bottles and suitcases.