Supporting a Thriving Society

We are committed to the betterment of society by providing more sustainable products for our customers, aligning our suppliers' values with our own, embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, and getting all of our workers home safely every day.



Our Approach

  • Keep our employees, contractors, customers and neighbors safe

  • Advance our diversity, equity and inclusion approach which holds leaders accountable, drives change and delivers meaningful results

  • Invest in programs and support policies that strengthen our communities, our planet and tomorrow’s workforce

  • Collaborate for meaningful impact and accelerate our progress and learning from others


Our Goals

  • Operate safely every day and with zero incidents, zero injuries and zero accidents

  • Achieve gender parity in senior leadership globally by 2032

  • Achieve general population ratio of people from underrepresented groups in U.S. senior leadership by 2032

  • Assess a minimum of 70% of our key suppliers globally using sustainability criteria by 2025


Read more in our Sustainability Report

Community Investments

Through our global corporate citizenship program, Advancing Good, we invest in three areas: Advancing Our Communities, Advancing Our Planet, and Advancing Tomorrow’s Workforce.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure a positive experience for all employees. We are committed to meaningful action that creates opportunity for our employees today and in the future.

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainability goes beyond production and manufacturing – it also extends to our supply chain and procurement practices. The businesses in our supply chain are an important lever for us to encourage more sustainable practices that will contribute to better outcomes for society.


GoalZERO is a comprehensive program which protects the health and safety of both our employees and our contractors, and reflects our commitment to operating safely with zero product safety incidents, zero injuries, zero environmental incidents and zero accidents.