Addressing Climate Change

Addressing climate change is one of the greatest challenges our world is facing. As such, we support the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting climate change by achieving net zero for global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by mid-century. We are committed to doing our part and recognize that achieving this objective will require collaboration and collective action amongst industry, policymakers and all parts of society. 




How We'll Do It

  • Enhanced energy management and low emission steam 

  • Process electrification and furnace upgrades 

  • Flare minimization

  • Use of lower-emitting fuels

  • Procure electricity from renewable sources

  • Further evaluation of technology options, such as cracker electrification, use of hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, and carbon utilization



  • Net zero emissions from global operations by 2050.
  • Absolute reduction in scope one and two emissions of 30 percent by 2030.
  • A minimum of 50 percent of electricity procured from renewable sources by 2030.


Taking Collective Action

No company can solely deliver a net zero economy. We believe public policy must preserve the competitiveness of “hard to abate” industries and neither mandate specific solutions nor discriminate against a specific technology, country, sector of the economy or industry. We are committed to working collaboratively with our stakeholders to develop sound policy. 

We support policies that:

  • Establish a fair, global carbon price.

  • Promote renewables and energy infrastructure development.

  • Accelerate the deployment of new, carbon-reducing technologies.

  • Reward companies for adopting carbon-reducing technologies. 

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