Safety and Security


At LyondellBasell, we have an unwavering commitment to the safety of our people and our operations. We aim for zero injuries, zero process safety incidents, zero product safety incidents, zero environmental incidents and zero plastic pellet loss to the environment. Our GoalZERO standards apply to employees, contractors and suppliers performing work at our sites. In addition, we:

  • Are committed to the principles and requirements of Responsible Care© and ISO14001, and to complying with all applicable laws and the terms of our permits

  • Continuously work to reduce emissions, waste generation, and the consumption of energy, raw materials, water, and other natural resources, and we support pollution prevention, a circular economy, and addressing climate change

  • Promote a comprehensive approach to chemical management and sustainability in all aspects of our products’ life cycles, including design, manufacturing, distribution, use, recycle and disposal activities

  • Conduct internal audits at our manufacturing sites to verify compliance with Operational Excellence standards and perform periodic reviews to drive continuous improvement. A key aspect of continuous improvement is our active involvement in outside associations. It is our fundamental belief that sharing and incorporating best practices and learnings in a collaborative means not only makes our internal processes better but helps our industry. Examples of these connections are with American Petroleum Institute, American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, American Chemistry Council, OSHA Voluntary Protection Program

  • Identify, prioritize, mitigate, and manage risks to provide for the safety and health of employees, contractors, customers, and the public, and for the protection of the environment

  • Operate a worldwide product stewardship program to make health, safety, and environmental protection an integral part of the development, manufacture, distribution, use, recycle and disposal of our products

  • Operate health and safety committees at the facility to help drive our GoalZERO culture. Members participate in identification of hazards, assessment of risks, investigation of incidents, implementation of corrective measures and audits

  • Provide required health and safety training to workers. Training differs between locations according to the role and tasks of each worker. Best practices and targeted discussions of opportunities to demonstrate safe behaviors are typically shared before each meeting to reinforce the value of safety.

Physical Security

The LyondellBasell Global Security function is charged with the physical security of all employees, visitors, manufacturing sites, offices, and operating locations around the world. The overarching goal of the security program is to provide all employees with a safe and secure workplace, and to ensure that security issues remain out of the path of critical operations, thus allowing the business to meet the needs of our customers consistently and profitably.

In addition, Global Security leads the development and implementation of the company’s Crisis Management program, partnering with relevant business units to coordinate the company’s response to major incidents, with the objective of preserving life, limiting reputational damage, and restoring normal operations as quickly as possible. Global Security is also charged with:

  • Conducting investigations into issues such as fraud, embezzlement, workplace violence, theft of material or intellectual property, and other issues

  • Coordinating with regulatory agencies to meet the recurring obligations of LyondellBasell related to maritime and ground transportation rules governing shipment and storage of our products, as well as facilitating expedited import/export programs such as Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT)

  • Monitoring employee travel to high-risk destinations, providing pre-travel and in-travel support as necessitated by the level of risk

  • Managing critical security incident programs and response.

  • Maintaining liaison relationships with law enforcement, intelligence, and regulatory agencies in the geographies in which we operate

  • Representing LyondellBasell on the American Chemical Council’s (ACC) Security Subcommittee, ensuring consideration of the concerns of LyondellBasell, as well as maintaining compliance with increasingly complex ACC requirements regarding facility security

  • Engaging with third-party vendors to identify, deploy, and maintain technical and human security measures at LyondellBasell sites.


At LyondellBasell, one of our priorities is maintaining the trust of our customers, vendors, and employees by managing the risks associated with cybersecurity. To that end, we have implemented comprehensive practices to minimize global cybersecurity threats that target the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of our data, operations, and infrastructure (the “Cybersecurity Program”). The program includes:

  • Annual cybersecurity education for select employees and contractors on relevant policies and standards, and best practices both at work and at home

  • Communication processes including how to identify, respond, and report threats or potential vulnerabilities

  • An established program based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework for dealing with ransomware and other cybersecurity incidents

  • Regular technical risk assessments and vulnerability assessments of our network, applications, and manufacturing facilities, using a combination of trusted suppliers and a dedicated objective team

  • Mobile threat protection mechanisms and policies

  • Business continuity plans that are well documented and tested regularly

  • Disaster recovery plans that are well documented and tested at least annually.


    LyondellBasell respects its customers and stakeholders and wants to reinforce practices that can help to prevent criminal activity. A few guidelines that will help to protect you, and your company, avoid becoming a target of a cyber-attack or social engineering include:

    1. We will only send emails from the following trusted domains: “” and “”.

    2. We will never ask you for bank details by email. If you receive a message to pay to a different bank account, please carefully check the email address of the sender, and verify the source of the message with your LyondellBasell Sales contact via a phone call using a trusted contact phone number.

    3. We will never ask you to make cash payments by email. Any LyondellBasell request to change the remit-to bank account where you pay your invoices, comes only from your LyondellBasell Sales and Credit contact.

    4. We will never ask for your password. In the event you do not recognize the sender, please do not open the email or any of the attachments and immediately contact your IT service.

    5. We will never ask for sensitive personal information by email.

    Timely reporting any suspicious email that appears to be delivered from our company is crucial to the safety of your company and ours. If you have further questions regarding email correspondence from LyondellBasell, please contact your LyondellBasell business representative to verify its validity.


    The LyondellBasell Cybersecurity Program is certified to the ISO 27001 standard for information security management, which covers key areas of management, technical and physical controls, legal, compliance and business continuity management. Certificate of Compliance can be found: