Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

The majority of our positions are filled by students who we meet and interview on campus. For 2020, all of our University Recruiting will be conducted virtually. To be considered for any open position you must first apply online at to ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications of the open position. All available positions are posted on our careers website.

When do the recruiting events and interviews take place?

Typically, our co-op/intern positions open twice per year (spring and fall) while recruiting at on-campus university career fairs.  For 2020, our fall recruiting will be via virtual career fairs at select universities. Your local university career center typically publicizes the companies attending the fair. Be sure to visit the LyondellBasell (LYB) booths and speak to our recruiters!

LyondellBasell does not recruit at my school - what now?

All available positions are posted on our careers website

At my school, a co-op is defined as having two terms; will I be automatically given two concurrent terms?

At LyondellBasell, we are dedicated to developing top performers. Students in our University Engineering Program are considered “co-ops” and may receive an offer for an additional assignment at the time of their end of term (EOT) evaluation. Additional co-op terms are contingent on the EOT evaluation results and availability. First term co-ops will either be offered a spring term or a fall term.  In some cases, students who work during a spring term will be extended through the summer term. Most students, however, work non-concurrent terms over multiple years.

Why would I want multiple co-op assignments?

LyondellBasell has several different technologies and locations. By working multiple terms, you are able to gain a broad perspective of the company and will have a better understanding of what you want to do and where you want to work upon graduation.

Do you offer summer internships?

Some of our corporate roles are only offered in the summer, so be sure to check online and ask our recruiters at the career fair about availability.

For engineers, summer co-ops are reserved for returning students who have previously worked a spring or fall term with LyondellBasell.

But won’t a co-op delay my graduation?

We know you cannot wait to graduate, but do not forget why you are attending college in the first place – to get a job! Our co-op program offers competitive pay and is the first step towards an exciting career with LyondellBasell. If you have any doubts about the value of working as a co-op, ask our recruiters when we visit your university!

What are the responsibilities of a student employee?

Our student employees are treated as professionals. Your work assignments will be determined by your immediate supervisor. You will receive paid time off for holidays and all students should anticipate a 40 hour per week work schedule.

I need a contact to sign-up for my co-op class; who will I be reporting to?

If your supervisor has not been assigned by the time registration is required, you can list Leslie McKeand as a contact with the following information:

Leslie McKeand
University Recruiting
LyondellBasell Tower
1221 McKinney Street
Houston, Texas 77010
Office:  +1 713 309-7214

Is housing provided?

Housing is not a provided benefit, although we do provide relocation assistance. Additionally, you will receive a housing roster containing previous rental properties used by current and former co-ops. A roster of your peers and their assigned locations will also be provided to you. Most students use these resources to find housing and roommates.

What if I am looking for a full-time position?

We are always looking for talented individuals! While our full-time hires are mostly students who were previous student employees, occasionally an opening will be posted on our website, so be sure to check for availability. All full-time hires should have previous working experience related to the desired field of study for consideration of available positions.