‘A Green Coat:’ LyondellBasell Collaborates with Nippon Paint China on Sustainable Packaging

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Many of us have used the phrase “think outside of the box” when encouraging creativity and innovation. LyondellBasell applies that concept of creativity by challenging the box itself – or in this case, the packaging.

LyondellBasell and Nippon Paint China, a top household paint brand among Chinese consumers, have announced an exciting collaboration to create packaging using LyondellBasell’s CirculenRecover polymers for Nippon’s waterproofing and interface agent painting products. This collaboration serves as a starting point to advance the sustainable development of the coatings industry and create a new life of colors with less environmental impact in China.

This strategic collaboration is our company’s first step in bringing innovative solutions to China’s painting sector and transforming the local industrial value chain,” said Limin Fu, LyondellBasell, directorolyolefins China. “In China, we are actively working with the upstream and downstream industry value chains, relying on our technological strengths to continue to drive the local supply and commercialization of our Circulen products.”

Using LyondellBasell’s top Chinese paint brand will transition from their current 100% virgin resin injection-molded design to mechanically recycled polymers. CirculenRecover polypropylene polymers are made from the mechanical recycling of post-consumer plastic waste, helping keep plastic waste out of the environment. Additionally, the process contributes to the circular economy and enhances the sustainable value of consumer products.

CirculenRecover polymers offer a consistent, high-quality product containing recycled material that can be used in a number of applications, such as personal care rigid packaging, luggage, and caps and closures. President of Nippon Paint China Procurement Headquarter, Yi Bai, sees the collaboration as a game-changer.

“We believe that this move will lead the industry trend in developing packaging with a smaller environmental footprint and will be recognized by more and more consumers and gain industry consensus, while contributing to the country's future dual carbon development goals,” said Bai. “Through the innovation of packaging, our products will also be given a 'new green coat.’ ”

Nippon Paint China and LyondellBasell share strong commitments to creativity, innovation, and sustainability in their respective industries. LyondellBasell launched the Circulen portfolio in 2021, which includes CirculenRecover, CirculenRevive and CirculenRenew polymers (click link here to find more). The portfolio is designed to advance the plastics circular economy and support the company's ambitious goals of producing and marketing two million metric tons of recycled and renewable-based polymers annually by 2030.

In working with Nippon Paint China and other companies around the world, it’s important for LyondellBasell to help its customers achieve circularity in their use of plastic packaging. The company continuously invests in technologies that span across molecular and mechanical recycling along with the use of renewable feedstocks. For more information about LyondellBasell’s sustainability initiatives, click here.