Advancing Modern Product Design Through Colors

Color plays a pivotal role in our lives. It has an important impact on our perception, influences us emotionally, and differentiates and creates uniqueness. As a powerful form of communication, color is therefore invaluable. Traffic lights, for instance, send a universal message - red means "stop" and green means "go”. Likewise, the colors used for an item, whether it is an automotive part, packaging or a personal care item, will have a considerable impact.

LyondellBasell makes its customers’ vision a reality by giving objects or articles the exact color, color effects and performance they desire. In order to achieve this result, our color experts collaborate closely with designers and brand managers.

“Very often, our customers come to us with a precise idea in mind, such as having a very specific and unique color or a special effect, like a pearlescent or a metallic look,” said Núria Vallespí, Marketing Manager at LyondellBasell. “Some customers need our help with color matching. Others might need support in developing a more sustainable portfolio; for example with masterbatches for post-recycle-consumer system or our near-infrared detectable colors. Additionally, the polymer which is used to make the final article, as well as the manufacturing process, can have an influence on the color itself. Our experienced colorists all around the globe can modify the formulations  to minimize color deviation.’’

Under the brand names Polybatch and Polycycle, LyondellBasell offers color masterbatches as well as pelleted concentrates in bead and cylindrical form. Next to custom colors, we also offer a wide portfolio of high-quality standard colors, black, white and additive masterbatches, compounds and polyolefins. Through our broad product portfolio complemented by our skillful colorists, LyondellBasell is advancing modern product design with color.

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Masterbatch & Custom Performance Colors
LyondellBasell’s Masterbatch & Custom Performance Colors are a cost-effective and convenient way to deliver high performance, customized solutions in the manufacturing environment. By offering specific performance enhancements in a masterbatch, manufacturers can maintain production flexibility and lower cost while meeting their end-user requirements.