Employees Conserving Water One Rainy Day at a Time

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

To celebrate World Water Day, LyondellBasell is reflecting on meaningful action its employees are taking to help preserve one of the world’s most precious and vital resources – fresh water. Held annually on March 22, World Water Day advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Our dedicated and sustainability-focused employees are making real impacts through their own personal commitments and actions, proving they don’t mind getting their hands dirty to keep their water clean.   

“I wanted a rain barrel at home so that I could feed my flowers and vegetables with rainwater instead of treated municipal water,” said Vesta Griffin, LyondellBasell senior manager, Enterprise Risk Management. “Not only does this method conserve water, it also diverts water from an area with poor drainage and provides controlled water supply for my plants.”  

Inspired by LyondellBasell’s work with the Galveston Bay Foundation, Griffin and several other employees have incorporated the practice of using rain barrels at home to conserve water.   

LyondellBasell has worked with the Galveston Bay Foundation in Houston,Texas since 2014 to conserve more than 16 million gallons of water by distributing more than 3,000 affordable rain barrels in Houston-area communities.   

The Foundation works to preserve and enhance Galveston Bay through creative, inclusive and forward-thinking solutions to the challenges confronting it. Water protection, being at the core of the Foundation’s work, led to the creation of Rain Barrel Workshops. During the workshops, rain barrels are built to conserve water and reduce storm water runoff, pollution and bacteria entering Galveston Bay.   

“Our rain barrel workshops are an easy way to get the community involved in local water conservation and pollution reduction,” said Sasha Francis, Galveston Bay Foundation community engagement coordinator. “Participants learn about issues facing the Bay and are provided the tools to take action at home that same day, in a fun and affordable way.”  

Lisamarie Stimpson, a Houston resident and central operations planner for LyondellBasell’s Advanced Polymers business said it’s important for everyone to make an effort to be responsible stewards of the earth’s natural resources.  

“[In Texas] when it rains, we get a lot of water at once,” said Stimpson. “I want to be the best steward I can be with that resource.”   

The ethical consumption of water extends beyond community efforts – the only way to make a real difference. 

At LyondellBasell, for example, its refining and manufacturing sites reuse water to reduce the amount of ground and fresh water withdrawn. 

Additionally, a majority of the company’s large sites use recirculating water systems for cooling. LyondellBasell also advances innovative solutions to produce stronger and more versatile pipes to protect the purity of water supplies.  

Celebrating World Water Day is one way to bring awareness to the issue of water scarcity and highlight the importance of fresh water. It’s only through collective efforts where real progress can be made toward the sustainable management of freshwater resources.  

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