Advancing Good

At LyondellBasell, we are committed to being a responsible, good neighbor in the communities where we operate. Through our global corporate citizenship program, Advancing Good, we invest in charitable organizations supporting three key focus area: Advancing Our Communities, Advancing Our Planet and Preparing Tomorrow's Workforce.

Through the power of many, our company and employees are advancing local communities and the positive future we know is possible!

The list below, being updated regularly, reflects how our company is actively involved in local efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19.



We donated $1.3 million to support food banks globally. While there are countless worthy causes needing support, our goal was to focus on an issue that was not getting a lot of attention and a cause where our donation could make a real impact in many of the countries and communities where we operate.



  • In collaboration with Huntsman Corporation, LyondellBasell provided a 5-ton shipment of hand sanitizer to Huntsman Cancer Institute and the associated medical facilities at the University of Utah to protect first responders.
  • In Ohio, a local site donated 500 N95 masks to the Fairport Harbor Fire Department.
  • In Baytown, TX, LyondellBasell provided more than 500 disposable, full body protective suits to Houston Methodist Hospital.
  • LyondellBasell donated $25,000 to Precinct2gether to provide meals to seniors and at-risk children in East Harris County, TX.
  • 2,000 surgical masks were donated to the Houston Zoo for use by their staff from the Channelview site in Houston, TX.
  • Working with local county judges, LyondellBasell delivered approximately 425 gallons of hand sanitizer produced at the Houston Technology Center to counties in southeast Texas to protect first responders and healthcare workers.


  • LyondellBasell sites in France donated facemasks, faceguards and other PPE to local hospitals in Marseille, Martigues, and Oyonnax.
  • LyondellBasell donated €20,000 to support healthcare providers at regional hospitals though Assitance Publique-Hôpitaux de Marseille in France.
  • Sites in Germany and France donated thousands of face masks and faceguards to healthcare professionals, first responders and senior citizens. The company also contributed 1 ton of Purell grade product to support a cross-industry initiative in France – coordinated by Fédération de la plasturgie – to produce facemasks with visors for healthcare professionals.
  • In Germany, LyondellBasell donated one hundred 3D printed headbands created with its healthcare polymer resins Purell EP274P and Purell RP270G to the University Hospital Freiburg / University Medical Center Freiburg for the use on faceshields.
  • The LyondellBasell site in Wesseling, Germany donated 30,000 masks to the Rhein-Erft county for distribution to the local community. 
  • In Bornem, Belgium, LyondellBasell donated unused lab coats to a local retirement home since PPE is hard to come by in the area.
  • In the United Kingdom, LyondellBasell donated polypropylene to a local school to produce face visors for the National Health Service.
  • In Rotterdam, Netherlands, we donated 1375 kg of polypropylene to help produce face shields for local hospitals.
  • Collaborating with Mourik Company, LyondellBasell sites in Botlek and Maasvlakte, the Netherlands, supplied safety glasses to local nursing homes.


  • In China, LyondellBasell donated $25,000 to Shanghai Red Cross to aid healthcare teams, medical professionals and frontline responders, in support of local hospitals and public service facilities.