LyondellBasell Firefighters Deliver Meals, Provide Medical Support in the Fight Against COVID-19

Firefighters are no doubt heroes. From rescuing people and animals in emergencies, to extinguishing fires so our houses, workplaces, and land are saved. They also step up to help those in need, even during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s only right for us to help give back to our community, especially knowing that people are struggling down the street and don’t know where their next meal is coming from,” said Justin Ray, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) specialist at LyondellBasell’s Tuscola, Illinois site and volunteer firefighter for  Author Fire Department.

Twice a week Ray, and his colleague Austin Gude, HSE specialist at LyondellBasell and also a volunteer firefighter, load up their vehicles with boxes of food and deliver them throughout the community to make sure families in need do not go hungry during these challenging times.

“Many children depend on receiving breakfast and lunch while at school and now that school has been cancelled, it is up to us to help ensure that they are taken care of,” said Gude.

Don Gilkey, senior HSE specialist, LyondellBasell Houston Refinery, and deputy fire chief at the Little York Volunteer Fire Department in Houston, Texas, is on the frontlines fighting fires and COVID-19. The fire station has set up triage rooms where Gilkey and other volunteer firefighters perform a series of medical screenings for patients who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

“Right now, our community needs my help, and yes I have a family at home, but it is my job to serve the community,” said Gilkey.

LyondellBasell employees around the world are demonstrating their deep commitment to their communities during this pandemic. At the company’s Wesseling, Germany site, a team of LyondellBasell firefighters donated 30,000 masks to the neighboring county.

Additionally, our Fairport Harbor site in Ohio has donated 500 N95 masks to the Fairport Harbor Fire Department to make sure they are protected in the field. Not only are employees committed to supporting their communities, many feel it is part of what they were put here to do.

“My reason to be on this earth is to help people,” said Mark Powers, production operator, LyondellBasell Geneva, Ohio and volunteer firefighter at the Geneva Fire Department.