Phasing Out Coal from Our Power Plant in Wesseling

Our roadmap to net zero by 2050 requires more than technology solutions and investments. It will require thinking differently about how we power
our facilities and industry.

Our facility in Wesseling, Germany, will reduce site emissions by approximately 170,000 metric tons per year by replacing coal used in the on-site power plant with energy sourced from high-pressure steam generated by natural gas.

The phase-out project is in partnership with Evonik, a German specialty chemicals company. The two companies have been working on the strategic partnership since 2019. Evonik site manager Dr. Arndt Selbach said, “I am very pleased that we are further expanding the energy alliance with our site neighbor LyondellBasell. With the new agreement, we are expanding cross-site energy integration, enabling better utilization of existing plants, and supporting LyondellBasell in its coal phase-out.”

Technology and partnerships are essential to reduce our carbon footprint. This effort is an important next step to producing plastic in a more sustainable way.