LyondellBasell in Australia wins 2008 PACIA Health & Safety Award for its Geelong plant shutdown project

June 24, 2008

Melbourne, Australia, June 24, 2008 – Basell Australia Pty Ltd, a company of LyondellBasell Industries, was awarded the 2008 Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA) Health & Safety Award for the successful and safe implementation of its Geelong polypropylene plant’s shutdown in 2007. The award was presented at the PACIA National Conference in Melbourne, Australia on June 18.

The PACIA Health and Safety Award recognizes individuals or groups who have undertaken innovative projects or activities that have resulted in making the plastics, chemicals and associated industries safer and healthier places to work.

"At Geelong safety is our value, not just a priority, and by following that approach we delivered a zero injury shutdown," said David Stannard, Basell Australia’s Geelong Plant Site Manager. "A pivotal part of our approach has been to educate and empower both our employees and contractors to accept responsibility for their own safety, and for the health and safety of others, through their own actions."

According to the award’s judging panel, which is comprised of eminent representatives of industry, community, regulators and other key stakeholders, the Geelong plant shutdown project met the following criteria:

  • Contribution to performance improvement in Health and Safety – with a safety first culture, including job hazard analysis prepared by the contractors
  • Employees and external stakeholders’ involvement in the monitoring and communication of a safety plan, prior to and during the shutdown period
  • Evidence of performance improvement – zero lost work injuries, zero medical treatment injuries, zero first aid injuries and zero reportable environmental releases
  • Principles of "Best Practice" were incorporated in the Initiative – Safety plans were designed and safety committee meetings, safety awareness and performance reporting were conducted
  • An on time start up

Basell Australia Pty Ltd also received the 2007 PACIA Sustainability Award for Chemical Plants for the successful completion and commissioning of its Geelong plant expansion project in 2006.

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SOURCE: LyondellBasell Industries

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