LYB opens doors to "KunstStoffWelt" Experience Center: art meets sustainability and innovation

June 06, 2024

ROTTERDAM, June 6, 2024 - LyondellBasell (NYSE: LYB) inaugurates its new experience center, KunstStoffWelt, located at its Kerpen facility. Design Professor Angelika Rösner from the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein and Erik Licht, Director New Business Development of Advanced Polymer Solutions Europe at LYB, developed the concept of using this unique space that blends art, sustainability and innovation to showcase the potential of plastics in a whole new light.

The name KunstStoffWelt is a symbolic combination:

  • Kunst (Art): Represents beauty, freedom, inspiration
  • Stoff (Material): Represents the matter, the surface, the color
  • Welt (World): Represents sustainability, the global impact (of plastics), the earth

A Hub for Inspiration and Collaboration:

  • The experience center will serve as an inspirational hub for workshops and training sessions with customers from various sectors, including automotive, household goods and packaging.
  • LYB envisions KunstStoffWelt as a platform to spark creativity, foster the development of sustainable plastic solutions and inspire diverse industries.
  • Future plans also include opening the center to the general public.

Renowned Designers Reimagine Sustainability:

  • KunstStoffWelt features artwork created by renowned designers using post-consumer plastic waste. These groundbreaking concepts demonstrate how plastics can be transformed into beautiful and thought-provoking pieces.
  • Visitors can explore these creations, tailored to various industries, and gain inspiration for their own sustainable practices.

The opening ceremony featured guest speakers:

  • John Mortell, Senior Policy Officer of Plastics Europe, discussed circularity in the automotive plastics industry.
  • Frank Rock, Landrat des Rhein-Erft Kreises, spoke about the importance of the plastic industry in the region.
  • Frank Nöltgen elaborated on the LYB circularity strategy for its Advanced Polymer Solutions product portfolio.
  • Guests also enjoyed an exhibition of inspiring, sustainability-focused artwork by Professor Angelika Rösner and Mathias Lanfer from the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein.

“The LYB KunstStoffWelt experience center is a significant step towards a future where art, sustainability, and innovation converge,” said Frank Nöltgen, Vice President of Advanced Polymer Solutions Europe at LYB. “It has the potential to inspire and empower a wide range of stakeholders to embrace a more sustainable future enabled by plastics.”







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