LyondellBasell first achieves PP 125 classification for polypropylene used in pipe

March 16, 2009

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, March 16, 2009 – LyondellBasell Industries has become the first polyolefins supplier to receive the ISO PP 125 classification for polypropylene resins used in water pipe applications. According to ISO 12162, pipe produced using the resins have successfully resisted internal pressure with water at 20°C for 50 years.  With this classification, LyondellBasell continues to expand the envelope of performance for pipe applications which improve the efficiency of water transport through reduced wall thickness.

High-performance essential for global water supply

According to Pierre Herben, LyondellBasell’s Vice President for Product and Application Development, “As the population facing water stress is expected to grow exponentially, innovative pipe resins will be essential for efficient global water supply. Following our success in attaining this first-time PP 125 classification, our R&D department will enable producers to develop pipe with longer life spans and reduced material consumption due to thinner pipe walls. These are key to successful water management, and our new capabilities will also contribute to even more durable and safer water management solutions.”

Gateway to new product families

Made possible using the company’s Avant catalysts and latest-generation Spherizone polypropylene technology, this new breakthrough in pipe resin capabilities will open the door to entirely new categories of products. Massimo Covezzi, Senior Vice President of Resarch and Development at LyondellBasell, explained: “The strength of our R&D activities is exemplified through LyondellBasell’s technical expertise, advanced technologies and catalyst performance. Avant catalysts can produce pipe resins that improve mileage and plant operability, while resulting in less residue.

For more than 50 years, LyondellBasell has been providing innovative solutions for water management. The company’s portfolio of resins used in water pipe applications includes Hostalen, Lupolen, Alathon and polybutene-1 specialty materials. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), water use has risen six-fold since 1900, more than double the rate of population growth. “With the world’s population projected to top eight billion by 2025, fresh water supply will be a challenge. As a polyolefins supplier we must take the lead in developing solutions to these demands,” added Covezzi. 


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