Alathon L4904LS



Alathon L4904LS is a bimodal, high molecular weight, high density polyethylene resin with excellent processing characteristics. L4904LS is selected by customers for pressure pipe applications including gas distribution, industrial piping, mining, oil & gas gathering, municipal water service lines and sewers. Customers typically use L4904LS in large diameter, thick wall applications requiring high resistance to pipe failure by rapid crack propagation and slow crack growth mechanisms.  Please contact your LyondellBasell Technical Service Engineer or Sales Manager for an approved color and black masterbatch list.  When L4904LS is combined with a LyondellBasell approved color or black masterbatch at the correct use level, this compound may meet the following standards or requirements:

  • ASTM D3350 Cell Classifications: PE445574C, PE445576C, PE445574E. For Oxidative Resistance Classification Categorization values (CC), please contact your LyondellBasell Technical Service Engineer or Sales Manager.
  • NSF Standard 14 and Standard 61 for Potable Water Pipe and Fittings
  • Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) PE 4710 and PE 100 per PPI TR-3


North America


SDS - Safety Data Sheet
PSB - Product Stewardship Bulletin

Product Data and Technical Information

Typical Properties

Melt Flow Rate (190 °C/5.0 kg) 0.15 g/10 min
Melt Flow Rate (190 °C/21.6 kg) 7 g/10 min
Density (23 °C) 0.949 g/cm³
Flexural Modulus (2% Secant) 144000 psi
Tensile Stress at Break 5100 psi
Tensile Stress at Yield 3500 psi
Tensile Elongation at Break 680 %
PENT on Natural Resin (2.4 MPa, 80 °C, Air) 5000 hr




High Density Polyethylene


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