Alathon L5040TC



Alathon L5040TC is a bimodal high density polyethylene copolymer natural resin used by customers for telecommunications and power conduits. L5040TC offers an excellent balance of stiffness, toughness and ease of processing. Conduits made with this resin are used with fiber optic cable, electrical cable and telecommunications cable. L5040TC meets the material requirements for polyethylene conduit as per ASTM F2160 and also meets the requirements of ASTM D3350 cell classification PE435580A.


North America


SDS - Safety Data Sheet
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Product Data and Technical Information

Typical Properties

Melt Flow Rate (190 °C/2.16 kg) 0.29 g/10 min
Density (23 °C) 0.949 g/cm³
Flexural Modulus (2% Secant) 145000 psi
Flexural Modulus (2% Secant) 1000 MPa
Tensile Strength at Yield 3700 psi
Tensile Elongation at Break >600 %
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance F₁₀ (10% Igepal®, Cond B) >200 hr
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance F₅₀ (100% Igepal®, Cond B) >1000 hr
Notched Constant Ligament Stress (10% Igepal, 50C, 600 psi stress) >160 hr
Tensile Impact Strength 188 ft-lb/in²
Shore Hardness (Shore D) 63
Low Temperature Brittleness F₅₀ <-71 °C
Deflection Temperature Under Load (66 psi, Unannealed) 76 °C
Deflection Temperature Under Load (66 psi, Unannealed) 169 °F

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet




High Density Polyethylene