Clyrell RC112L



Clyrell RC112L is a polypropylene random copolymer, specially designed for manufacturing of films. This grade features low modulus and good optics. It can be used as a sealing or printing layer in co-extruded film applications. It does not contain slip or anti-block additives.


Africa-Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Russia


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Product Data and Technical Information

Typical Properties

Melt Flow Rate (230 °C/2.16 kg) 7.0 g/10 min
Density 0.90 g/cm³
Flexural Modulus 450 N/mm²
Tensile Stress at Break (23 °C, 50 mm/min) 26 N/mm²
Tensile Stress at Yield (23 °C, 50 mm/min) 18 N/mm²
Tensile Strain at Break (23 °C, 50 mm/min) 680 %
Tensile Strain at Yield (23 °C, 50 mm/min) 15 %
Charpy Impact Strength - Notched (23 °C, Type 1, Edgewise, Notch A) 13 kJ/m²
Charpy Impact Strength - Notched (0 °C, Type 1, Edgewise, Notch A) 7 kJ/m²
Vicat Softening Temperature (A50) 113 °C
Deflection Temperature Under Load (0.46 N/mm²) 55 °C

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


BOPP, Cast Film


Polypropylene, Specialty Products


Bags & Pouches, Food Packaging Film