Lucalen A2540D



Lucalen A 2540 D is a low density polyethylene, containing n-butyl acrylate as comonomer.
It is used in greenhouse film and stretch hood film. It is delivered in pellet form.

This product is not intended for use in medical and pharmaceutical applications.


Africa-Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe


SDS - Safety Data Sheet
PSB - Product Stewardship Bulletin

Product Data and Technical Information

Typical Properties

Melt Flow Rate (190 °C/2.16 kg) 0.25 g/10 min
Density 0.923 g/cm³
Tensile Modulus 120 MPa
Tensile Stress at Yield 7.0 MPa
Dart Drop Impact Strength, F50 600 g
Tensile Strength MD 26 MPa
Tensile Strength TD 22 MPa
Tensile Strain at Break MD 350 %
Tensile Strain at Break TD 550 %
Coefficient of Friction 0.8
Failure Energy 19 J/mm
Vicat Softening Temperature (A/50 N) 85 °C
Peak Melting Point 103 °C
Haze (50 µm) <13 %
Gloss (20°) >20
Gloss (60°) >70
Comonomer BA 6.5 %

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


Blown Film


Low Density Polyethylene


Agriculture Film, Food Packaging Film, Heavy Duty Packaging, Shrink Film, Stretch Hood