Metocene HM562S



Metocene HM562S is a metallocene-catalyzed homopolymer with a very narrow molecular weight distribution, suitable for fiber extrusion application. It is formulated with an anti-gas fading stabilization package. It can be advantageously processed in different spinning technologies.

Typical applications are spunbond nonwovens and continuous filaments such as partially-oriented yarns(POY). Metocene HM562S expands processing capabilities to achieve unmatched properties balances. it allows faster spinning and lower denier filaments. Additional advantagesf of Metocene HM562S are low volatiles and low processing smokes.


Africa-Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Australia and New Zealand


SDS - Safety Data Sheet
PSB - Product Stewardship Bulletin

Product Data and Technical Information

Typical Properties

Melt Flow Rate (230 °C/2.16 kg) 30 g/10 min
Density 0.90 g/cm³
Flexural Modulus 1300 MPa
Tensile Strength at Yield 32 MPa
Tensile Elongation at Yield 10 %
Notched Izod Impact Strength (23 °C) 30 J/m
Rockwell Hardness (R-Scale) 104
Deflection Temperature Under Load (0.46 N/mm²) 110 °C

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet - ASTM


Continuous Filament/Spinning, Spunbond


Metallocene PP Homopolymer


Filament Yarn, Furniture & Buildings, Geotextile & Agriculture, Hygiene Nonwoven, Protective Clothes