Purell PE GF4760



Purell PE GF4760 is a high density polyethylene with good ESCR, high rigidity and good organoleptic properties. It contains antioxidants and is delivered in pellet form. The grade is used by our customers for small blow mouldings for foodstuff, consumer goods as well as pharmaceutical packaging. This grade is also well established for injection blow moulding applications.


Africa-Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, North America, South & Central America


SDS - Safety Data Sheet
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Product Data and Technical Information

Typical Properties

Melt Flow Rate (190 °C/2.16 kg) 0.4 g/10 min
Melt Flow Rate (190 °C/5.0 kg) 1.5 g/10 min
Melt Flow Rate (190 °C/21.6 kg) 30 g/10 min
Density 0.956 g/cm³
Tensile Modulus 1250 MPa
Tensile Stress at Yield 27 MPa
Tensile Strain at Yield 10 %
FNCT (6.0 MPa, 2% Arkopal N100, 50 °C) 19 hr
FNCT (4.0 MPa, 2% Arkopal N100, 80 °C) 3 hr
Charpy Impact Strength - Notched (-30 °C, Type 1, Edgewise, Notch A) 8.0 kJ/m²
Shore Hardness (Shore D) 62
Ball Indentation Hardness (H 132/30) 51 MPa
Vicat Softening Temperature (B50) 77 °C

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


Extrusion Blow Molding, Injection Blow Molding, Injection Molding


High Density Polyethylene


Bottles and Vials, Diagnostic Applications, Healthcare Applications, Medical Devices