On-the-go convenience, concerns about freshness or deterioration, brand identity – there are as many different kinds of packaging as there are reasons for it.

With a diverse portfolio of polyolefins, advanced polymers, additive masterbatches and color concentrates, LyondellBasell offers a complete packaging solution that can be customized to meet unique customer needs.

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Food Freshness

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Our Polymer Portfolio


The proprietary Catalloy technology from LyondellBasell creates reactor thermoplastic polyolefins that combine the advantages of polyolefins with those of elastomers. The wide range of properties makes these materials unique.

Masterbatch & Custom Performance Colors

Our Masterbatch & Custom Performance Colors are a cost-effective and convenient way to deliver high performance, customized solutions in the manufacturing environment. 

Olefins & Polyolefins

LyondellBasell is one of the world’s largest producers of versatile plastic resins, such as polypropylene, polypropylene compounds and polyethylene. These materials produce a variety of products that are used to advance solutions in nearly every sector of the economy, including packaging.


Polybutene-1 (PB-1) resins from LyondellBasell are light weight and have excellent performance characteristics, such as outstanding creep resistance and flexibility over a wide temperature range, low noise transmission, and good heat fusion properties. 

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