Sustainability meets style with Samsonite lifestyle bags and travel luggage

The collaboration between Samsonite and LyondellBasell is fueled by a passion for sustainability on both teams. In 2019, LyondellBasell collaborated with Samsonite to create a special edition suitcase called S’cure ECO. S’cure ECO became the first suitcase ever made from recyclable plastic packaging waste collected from curbside.

Samsonite decided to utilize the LyondellBasell Circulen family of sustainable solutions, specifically CirculenRecover, to design their Magnum Eco collection. As the collaboration evolved, Samsonite was able to leverage “Ivory grades,” which are recycled materials that present light in color, to produce luggage lines in brighter, more eye- catching colors. Their latest collection, Essens, is a display of creativity and quality materials. 

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