The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech Expo


At booth 1556, LyondellBasell will be showcasing its in-depth expertise in areas including:

  • Selecting the right polymers to address key challenges, such as drop impacts, overheating, meeting safety standards and enduring repeated use, in your EV supply equipment.

  • How conductive thermoset solutions can outperform competitive materials when it comes to corrosion, formability and material cost in bipolar plates.

  • Exploring a broad range of flame-retardant compounds with UL recognized grades for connectorsin battery technologies, EV charging stations and other applications where thermal and weatherable performance is needed. 

  • The LyondellBasell Circulen product family supports the reduction of plastic waste through the use of recycled content, and a lower carbon footprint through the use of renewable-based content as compared to feedstock from fossil-based sources.

Join us for three days of networking, product demos, engaging activities, and expert-led educational sessions. Use the promo code SPECIAL when you register online to get a free expo pass and save 20% on a Conference pass! Click here to get your pass.

Below you will find a selection of documents with additional information about our innovative product range. Just click on the links to open and download the documents.

Feel free to contact us at for further information or explore our show profile.


pdf icon Charge Port Assembly

pdf icon Circulen Unlock the Circular Potential of Plastics

pdf icon Color and Finishes That Bring Your Project to Life

pdf icon

Dura-BMC in Energy Storage

pdf icon

Electric Vehicle Battery Systems

pdf icon EV Supply Assembly Application Teardown

pdf icon Flame Retardant Compounds

pdf icon

Frunk ‘Front Trunk’ Storage

pdf icon Premi-SMC in Electric Vehicle Battery Enclosures

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