Our Environmental Approach

Designing For the Long Term

At LyondellBasell, we work to develop solutions to global problems. 

LyondellBasell operates responsibly in each of the communities where we are located. Guided by our HSE Policy and internal standards of Operational Excellence, we take care to minimize our resource consumption and production of waste and emissions at each of our locations.

In addition we make numerous products that aid in the conservation of natural resources. For example our new polymer grades help to save energy used for lighter weight automotive components, reducing fuel usage. Similarly, food packaging made from our polymers provides not only lightweight advantages, but also helps to preserve the food itself. In addition, LyondellBasell products are used extensively in energy efficient applications, such as: solar cells, heat insulating roofing and wind turbines.

Energy-efficiency Demonstrates Our Commitment to Resource Management and the Environment

We design our plants to ensure best-in-class performance from the moment we start-up, and we strive to improve our operations year after year. Many of our manufacturing sites use co-generation facilities to improve energy efficiency.

Conserving Energy

We believe in conserving energy and preventing the loss of valuable resources; where possible, waste products are used to fuel our processes, thereby producing energy while reducing waste disposal requirements. In addition, we audit our major production facilities throughout their lifetime to identify further potential energy savings. Improving our environmental performance is part of our long-term approach, and in recent years we have invested significantly in upgrading our facilities. As a result, many of our plants have realized considerable performance improvements.