Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging regularly and honestly with our many stakeholders is crucial to making sustainable business decisions.

Our Employees

LyondellBasell counts on well-trained and dedicated employees to operate our business. Attracting and retaining loyal employees is key to our overall success.

13,000 People Around the Globe

Our employees, develop, manufacture, and market products that are essential to improving the quality of people's lives. Working together, we create polymers, chemicals, and fuel products used in a wide range of applications that benefit society every day.

LyondellBasell employs approximately 13,000 people around the world. Approximately 7,000 work in Europe, Aisa and international locations, and 6,000 work in our Americas locations. Our major administrative offices are located in Rotterdam, Netherlands; London, UK and Houston, Texas, USA.

We manufacture products at 55 sites across 17 countries.

Our balanced, integrated product portfolio is comprised of four major business segments: Olefins and Polyolefins; Intermediates and Derivatives; Refining; and Technology.

Training & Development

Employees joining LyondellBasell can expect to learn and grow within their role with the company offering a variety of training programs for both continuing education and personal development worldwide. Training options are linked to the performance management process and may be expanded to include assignments at alternative locations.

We build connections and contacts with potential future employees early on in life by actively developing relationships with local schools to inform students about technical careers in the sciences/technology and manufacturing fields. We actively support co-op, intern, and apprenticeship programs around the world in our major work locations, and focus on under-represented areas, such as women and minorities in technical roles.

A Good Place to Work

LyondellBasell abides by labor laws and requirements in each of the countries in which it operates; providing fair and compliant working conditions, pay, and benefits.

Our approach to managing our work environment is based around current policies and procedures that inform employees and managers about key human resource elements such as remuneration/compensation, benefits, training, and our performance review process. Our performance management system aligns individual goals with the broader corporate objectives and links directly to compensation.

For employees to perform at their best, they must feel respected and supported. LyondellBasell provides a discrimination free workplace in which employees are expected to conduct themselves as professionals. General business practices are outlined in our Code of Conduct. The Code also informs employees how violations of business conduct maybe reported and managed.

Positive Employee Relations

LyondellBasell is committed to managing our businesses in an open and participative manner. Constructive dialogue is central to ensuring employee and management alignment on common goals and key issues regardless of third party representation. In 2014, about 21% of our North American manufacturing employees were represented by labor unions while a large majority of our employees in Europe and South America are represented by works councils or collective-bargaining agreements.


The company embraces a high-performance oriented culture. Using our global compensation framework, we aim to attract and retain high-performing employees, by paying them competitively with respect to our industry. This includes bonus opportunities that reflect company and individual performance.

Our comprehensive benefits programs are an important part of the total compensation package. We provide competitive health, pension, and other types of benefits that comply with or exceed local laws.


In a competitive and changing market place we believe that attracting, hiring and retaining the best people are critical elements in LyondellBasell's success. We embrace the principles of diversity and inclusion and aim to attract a diverse range of talents and people with differing perspectives to help drive creativity, innovation, and business success.

Furthermore, as LyondellBasell customers, suppliers, and strategic partners are increasingly global and multi-cultural, we aim to reflect the diversity of our customers so that we remain responsive to their needs and expectations.

Academic Institutions

Promoting Sustainable Chemistry Through Research

As a leader in petrochemical technologies, we maintain our position by investing in research and development. To bolster our own expansive efforts, we partner with technical institutions all over the world.

Universities and research institutes support LyondellBasell with the development of new technologies, while our facilities provide an industrial context for learning and development..

We provide industrial experience to students who specialize in chemistry and engineering. In some cases, depending on the partnership, we may also assist with curriculum development.

We also sponsor and encourage young scientists to develop sustainable chemistry solutions by providing scholarships or prizes. For example, our "Giulio Natta" Research and Development Centre in Italy established the Giorgio Foschini Prize in 1991.


Involved Members of the Local Community

As a large company, we recognize that we affect the lives of many people - especially those in our local communities. We work to understand our effect by initiating conversations with local people.

At most of our operating sites, we have long-standing connections with the local community. We are keenly aware of both our potential environmental impact and the social benefits we bring, such as employment and educational opportunities.

Our commitment to local communities is both corporate and personal. LyondellBasell contributes in meaningful ways to charitable work and social programs. We encourage our employees' involvement in community efforts such as emergency-response and firefighting groups, and also provide opportunities for employees to volunteer for community service programs, such as Global Care Day.

We believe it serves everyone in the community to discuss opinions regarding our operations. Therefore, we sponsor community advisory panels that meet regularly to address any issue. In addition, if we are planning a project that will alter the way we operate in a community, we often set up special consultation groups that offer information to the public and seek their comments and questions


Supplying Our Customers with Information

Although we produce an extensive array of products, we sell primarily to industrial customers, so our direct commercial interaction with the public is limited.

At the same time, our industrial customers use the fuels and chemicals we sell them to manufacture a very wide variety of consumer end products. We give them detailed information about the technical properties of our products, as well as health, safety and environmental information that they can pass on to consumers.

Likewise, it is important for us to advise our customers about the safe handling of our products so they can protect their employees and customers. We do this in writing and in customer meetings with a focus on product specifications, as well as health, safety and environmental precautions.

Our communication with customers is not just one-way: We conduct surveys to better understand our customers' priorities and to gather their feedback about our performance as a supplier with respect to commercial, quality, supply, service and technical matters. Surveys supplement our regular discussions regarding all of these themes.

In addition, our customers can find out more about our performance in health, safety, environmental protection, ethics and product safety on our website or through face-to-face meetings with company representatives..

Governments and Regulators

Transparent in our dealings with governments and regulators

It is important for us to be transparent about the ways in which we deal with governments and regulators.

We participate in industry associations that lobby government representatives to promote legislation and policy that we think will benefit our company and wider society. Through these associations, we also may comment on matters in which we have special expertise, such as the practicality or efficacy of proposed legislation.

We may petition governments directly when an issue affects us strongly. Our Government Relations department oversees these efforts to be sure they align with corporate goals and are transparent and consistent throughout LyondellBasell. We comply with all applicable laws concerning lobbying disclosure and expenditures.

If we have special expertise about an issue, we may offer our counsel to regulators by participating on committees or giving technical advice.

Sometimes we deal with governments on a commercial basis—when the government is the owner or a partner in the purchase of a chemical-technology license. When this happens, we adhere to written procedures to be sure there is no conflict of interest.

We may support candidates for elected office in the United States with the approval of the LyondellBasell Political Action Committee (PAC). All applicable contribution disclosure documents are filed with the appropriate agencies.