Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging regularly and honestly with our many stakeholders is crucial to making sustainable business decisions. We engage with internal and external stakeholders through formal and informal channels, and we actively participate in industry associations to further our reach.

Direct customers

Customer surveys help us identify ways to improve our products and customer service. Our sales representatives and technical experts work closely with customers to address concerns and provide product stewardship guidance. Customers regularly visit our manufacturing sites and review our operations for compliance with international standards such as ISO and International Automotive Task Force (IATF), applicable laws and regulations, and their customer-specific requirements. We also regularly speak with customers to improve our products and respond to their needs.


We gather employee feedback through a company-wide employee survey every two years. Employee-wide communications include a bimonthly e-newsletter and video news updates, quarterly newsletters at the major manufacturing sites and social media updates. Senior leaders communicate with employees through various online and face-to-face channels including quarterly CEO-led town hall events and regular site visits. Employees can anonymously report concerns at any time through Ethics Point, our independent ethics helpline.

Investors and shareholders

We communicate relevant information to shareholders and prospective investors on our website and we hold a formal investor engagement day every two years. We regularly participate in key investor conferences and make these presentations available to all stakeholders on the company website.

Local communities

We meet with community members where we operate to share information about the company and listen to concerns. At many of our major manufacturing sites we do this through community advisory groups. We also hold site tours for community leaders, educational institutions and the public. Every year our employees volunteer in the community as part of our Global Care Day event.

Industry associations

We collaborate with industry and value chain partners to advance sustainable solutions. We belong to approximately 150 industry associations worldwide, most of which are in the U.S. and Europe. Senior executives and more than 230 employees participate in industry association boards, committees and working groups.

Government and regulators

We communicate with government, legislative and regulatory officials through issue-specific meetings, at industry events and by hosting visits to our sites. We respond to public consultations to provide input and share expertise on future legislation.