Process Safety

Operating our plants safely and reliably is our priority. Our process safety program establishes how we safely design, operate, and maintain our manufacturing processes to prevent or mitigate the unplanned or uncontrolled release of process material. This program aims to prevent serious incidents and protect local communities and the environment.

We have clear standards for identifying and managing process safety risks within our Operational Excellence framework. Regular turnarounds—during which we shut down plants and carry out essential maintenance, upgrades and safety checks—are a key part of our safety program.

Gauging process safety performance

We measure all process safety incidents involving fire, explosion, or loss of primary containment at each manufacturing site. We continually work with industry experts to develop and share best practices through our membership of technical associations and leading trade organizations.

LyondellBasell incorporated the new requirements of the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care Management System Process Safety Code. that include aspects such as leadership, accountability and culture into our company management systems.