Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Vision, Goals & Objectives

DEI is a key driver to achieving our business and sustainability ambitions. We are committed to increasing diversity and fostering an inclusive work environment that supports our global workforce and the communities we serve. Our DEI strategic efforts are personally overseen by the executive leadership team and directed by the Chief Talent & DEI Officer and a Leadership Council comprised of 17 senior leaders representing businesses, functions and regions across the globe.

Our Vision: LyondellBasell is a place where DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) is embedded within our culture as deeply as safety; where we own it and live it every day.

The Future Vision will embed DEI into our culture as deeply as Safety


Succession & Mentoring

Diverse Hiring

 ▌Leaders and workforce reflect external population

 ▌Robust diverse talent pipelines of future leaders


Pay Equity and HR Program Analysis

 ▌Employees believe they are treated fairly with opportunities to thrive

 ▌HR Programs (hiring, promotion, pay, performance) regularly reviewed for bias


Employee Network

DEI Training

Communication & Outreach

 ▌Reputation as inclusive employer

 ▌Leaders foster a culture of belonging

 ▌Positive employee culture of inclusion and belonging


Power of Many, Strength of ALL

Diversity, equity and inclusion are key drivers to achieving our business and sustainability ambitions, and we are working to embed DEI within our culture as deeply as safety. We are committed to increasing representation of diverse employees at all levels within our organization and fostering an equitable and inclusive work environment that supports our global employees and the communities we serve.

In early 2022, we also reinforced our commitment to diversity by setting new goals to achieve gender parity in senior leadership globally and increase the number of underrepresented senior leaders in the United States to reflect the general population ratio by 2032.


LyondellBasell's DEI Goals

  • Achieve gender parity in senior leadership globally by 2032

  • Achieve general population ratio of people from underrepresented groups in U.S. senior leadership by 2032


Accomplishments & Milestones

Today we are progressing on our DEI journey and we have invested increased resources to focus on inclusion, education, and improved internal policies and procedures.

At LyondellBasell, diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just moral imperatives, they are integral to our mission that attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional people.

Today we have…

nationalities speaking more than 25 languages, with offices/facilities in 50+ countries

Employee Networks developed and will expand

First year employee participation rate in Employee Networks

employees received DEI training in 2021


In 2021, we advanced our DEI efforts significantly by launching several new talent programs. To attract and advance diverse talent, we focused on mentoring and talent moves, sourced more diverse candidates externally, increased internal job posting transparency and expanded diverse interview panel practices.

We implemented an annual equity audit of pay and performance practices to minimize any unintended bias in our rewards programs and performance evaluations and promote a sense of fairness for all employees.

As part of our work on building an inclusive culture, 9,500 employees completed required diversity training. We also launched six new employee networks representative of the Company’s diverse workforce. These networks are organized around historically underrepresented groups including women, Black employees, LGBTQ+ employees, Latin employees, Asian/Pacific Islander employees and early career professionals. Senior leaders serve as executive sponsors for each network. In 2022, our global employee participation rate in the employee networks was 39 percent.

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