Advanced Protection and Comfort for the Kids

Every new parent in the world owes Marion Donovan for her genius invention of disposable diapers. Diapers not only save new parents from the repetitive tasks of changing and cleaning the cloth diapers, but also provide protection and comfort for the kids.

A diaper may look common, but if you know more about it, you will be amazed by the engineering complexity that goes into the design and materials that make it the ideal solution for babies globally. In general, the diaper is a well-organized waste management system. A typical diaper is constructed with three layers made of different polymer materials for different functions.

The first layer in direct skin contact, known as the top sheet, plays the role of keeping your baby’s skin dry and comfortable. This non-woven fabric-like layer is typically made of polypropylene (PP) fibers. LyondellBasell offers a range of Moplen products for this application that allows the production of very fine fibers for softness and comfort.

The second layer is the core of the diaper, where the difference between your baby feeling wet or dry occurs. It is the absorbent layer that quickly withdraws the liquids away from the skin, absorb and retain it.  

The last layer is a back sheet which functions as the base of a diaper. It needs to ensure that no leakage or bursting occurs but is still breathable, so that the skin can be kept dry. It is typically made of a non-woven PP fabric that is laminated with a polyethylene (PE) film with breathable masterbatches, which are additive concentrates that enhances polymer properties. PE grades from LyondellBasell’s Lupolen and Petrotheneproduct range provide the strength and softness, while Polybatch BTFmasterbatches provide the breathability. This additive allows heat and vapor to dissipate through the film, keeping the babies free from getting a skin rash.

While a diaper’s structure is complex, LyondellBasell is committed to providing the best materials to keep your baby dry and protected, allowing you to worry less about diaper changing duty and getting back to enjoying life’s precious moments.



Petrothene refers to the line of Low, Linear Low, and High density polyethylene resins and compounds produced using various technologies from LyondellBasell. Materials falling under this trademark include homopolymer and copolymer grades used in blow molding, injection molding, sheet, film, extrusion coating rotomolding and wire & cable applications. These products are known for their processability, impact, clarity and ESCR characteristics.