Celebrating LyondellBasell’s Catalloy Process Technology

Thanks to the power of many, LyondellBasell proprietary Catalloy process technology was invented 30 years ago at our site in Ferrara, Italy. Considered a breakthrough innovation, LyondellBasell has since introduced countless new and innovative grades using our Catalloy process technology, many of which are still considered benchmarks in popular applications.

Our research and development bench strength in polymers elevated LyondellBasell to a new level when our employees, of which many are still working at the Ferrara site, produced the first polymer the night of February 28, 1990. It took our team of experts several years to make this happen, and the long-lasting results of that day proved that teamwork, pride and passion can create a world of possibilities.


The technology  

Catalloy is a complex multi-stage gas phase polymerization process. The technology creates reactor thermoplastic polyolefins that combine the advantages of polyolefins with those of elastomers. These advanced polyolefins are used by our customers as base materials, raw materials in compounds or as polymer modifiers. Their wide range of highly balanced and tailor-made properties make these materials unique. Catalloy process resins can be formulated to meet specific customer requirements and are used in a variety of end applications such as car interior components, electronic cable jackets, (green) roofing membranes, geomembranes or packaging materials.