Employees Extend Their Generosity to Seniors and Families During Pandemic

Senior citizens are among the highest populations to be the most vulnerable during this pandemic with a higher risk of developing serious complications from COVID-19. To avoid becoming infected, many seniors are isolated from their loved ones, which can cause them to feel lonely and anxious. To help ease some of the stress and anxiety seniors may be experiencing, LyondellBasell employees teamed up with Love for the Elderly in the U.S., Rotterdammers voor Elkaar in the Netherlands and Diakonisches Werk in Germany to provide handwritten letters to seniors.

“I think it’s important to write to the elderly because it gives them something to look forward to,” said Maria Giovanna, management assistant at LyondellBasell’s Malagari location. “These handwritten letters, I believe, spread joy and kindness and let seniors know how much they are worth, how much their life and experiences are valued, and how grateful we are for them.”

Reaching out to seniors all over the world is just one way LyondellBasell employees have stepped up to help their communities that have been adversely impacted by this pandemic. In Italy, LyondellBasell employees Jean-Michael Kunesch and Marco Rossi are working with the Red Cross to help their community combat COVID-19. Rossi is continuing his decade-long volunteerism with the Red Cross and has volunteered over 5,500 hours delivering food and medicine to those in need, shopping for the elderly and disabled, and working to assist with the Red Cross’ call center.

“I volunteer with the Red Cross because of the desire to feel useful in some way within my community,” said Rossi. “During this time, while you may want to quit for your family and children, it’s important to give your contribution to those in need. When you receive even just a simple smile from those you are helping, it’s worth it.”

The generosity of LyondellBasell employees extends from every region. Andy Pinto, LyondellBasell associate director, global internal controls in Houston, Texas, joined members of the Knights of Columbus Charities in Sugar Land, Texas, to organize a food drive to restock a critically low food pantry at the Mamie George Community Center in Richmond, Texas. During the food drive, about 3,959 pounds of food was collected in just in two hours. Because of this effort, the center can now serve 1,000+ families two days a week and go through 50,000 pounds of food. “Giving back to my community and having the opportunity to help and participate in a local community food drive to make sure that there is food on people’s table during this critical time, is important to me,” said Pinto.

The charitable work of LyondellBasell employees truly puts action behind two phrases the company has adopted – “The Power of Many” and “We’re All in This Together.” Employees and their families that have lent a helping hand from the start of this pandemic and continue to make contributions all over the world.