Global Care Day

Positive impact in the communities where we operate

In 2019, LyondellBasell marked two decades of service projects through our annual Global Care Day program.

Our efforts focused on helping to eliminate plastic waste in the environment, educating our communities about the importance of reuse and recycling, and environmental stewardship. Approximately 4,261 volunteers from 86 LyondellBasell sites volunteered more than 19,360 hours for Global Care Day.

Melbourne, Australia

Beach Patrol Australia’s mission is to reduce the negative impacts of litter on the marine environment, engaging communities in reducing, reusing and recycling waste. With the help of our volunteers, approximately 40 bags of trash were collected from the streets and beaches of Port Melbourne.

Suzhou, China

Employees educated children in the Dong Shahu community about proper disposal and sorting of trash to reduce environmental pollution and increase recycling rates.

Pinda, Brazil

Employees and volunteers collected four trucks of unused furniture and electronic equipment from the Feital community for proper recycling. They also distributed 200 “Say No to Waste” books to educate community members about managing household waste.

Hong Kong, China

Soap Cycling is a charitable organization that collects, processes, recycles and distributes soap and other hotel amenities from across Asia to those who need it most. Employees collected and packaged 400 hygiene kits for the homeless in Sham Shui Po, and 500 bars of soap for redistribution in the Philippines, saving over 80kg of plastic from entering the landfill.

Berre, France

Approximately 120 employees and other volunteers worked with the non-profit Nosta Mar to preserve the Berre coastal shore and allow easy access for all people, especially those who lack mobility. The two kilometer coast was cleaned, flowers were planted, and signs were placed to inform visitors about the natural wildlife around them.

Frankfurt, Germany

Colleagues participated in a clean-up organized by Clean FFM, an initiative to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of Frankfurt. They collected eight bags of trash from Hochst City Park. Additionally, employees connected with fellow community members, showing and teaching them about LyondellBasell products and the advantages of plastics.