Global Safety Day is Getting Back to Basics

LyondellBasell is celebrating our 12th annual Global Safety Day. Employees and contractors around the globe are focused on getting Back to Basics and advancing our GoalZERO culture, which means we are committed to operating safely with zero injuries, zero incidents and zero accidents.  

The theme Back to Basics was an important emphasis this year, as due to the global pandemic many employees and contractors performed their job duties in other locations, with less people and under different circumstances. During this time, it has become even more critical  to stop, think what could go wrong, and adjust the plan, if necessary, in order to complete the job safely.  

The phrase Back to Basics simply means – stressing the simplicity and adherence of following fundamental principles. Back to Basics is about developing a solid foundation so you can build upon it. Our values of excellence, ownership and teamwork are at the core of each and every decision we make at LyondellBasell.

Kim Foley, senior vice president of Health, Safety, Environment and Global Engineering and Turnarounds shared, “Back to Basics can be as simple as washing your hands to prevent spreading germs. Think about the job tasks you perform throughout the day. A simple task of walking could result in an injury if you are not used to wearing a mask as part of your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and your glasses fog up and cause blind spots in your walking path. Identifying the hazards and making changes to do the job safely is core to our safety culture.”

GoalZERO is not just a saying at LyondellBasell – it’s our way of doing things safely for ourselves, coworkers and our family.