LyondellBasell Offers a Helping Hand with Huntsman Corporation

To further aid in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, LyondellBasell donated a key ingredient to Huntsman Corporation to produce hand sanitizer for U.S. first responders.

Huntsman recently delivered a 5-ton shipment of hand sanitizer to Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) and the associated medical facilities at the University of Utah to help protect healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients.

Huntsman approached LyondellBasell to request a shipment of isopropyl alcohol (IPA), which is a key ingredient in hand sanitizer. Knowing that the request was to assist with first responders at HCI and the University of Utah, LyondellBasell agreed to donate enough IPA to support the cause.

"This is a critical time where industry players can work hand-in-hand to help safeguard our healthcare workers," said CEO Bob Patel. "We are proud to have played a role in the fight against this pandemic."

Many products that LyondellBasell makes are being used to fight the pandemic. From products that provide filtration in facemasks, to breathable films for protective suits, medical syringes, medical test kits, soaps, disinfectants, and many other products, #TeamLYB is on the front lines against the virus.

"We are so grateful to Huntsman Corporation and LyondellBasell for making this donation," said University of Utah President Ruth V. Watkins. "This is an incredible example of how leading companies are stepping up to address vital needs of health providers who are on the front lines of battling the coronavirus pandemic."

LyondellBasell would like to say 'thank you' to all the healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery store workers and many more, like our global workforce, who are fighting this pandemic every day.