Improving the World Around Us

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Plastics are critical components of the things we use every day, such as the plastic vehicle parts for creating car bumpers to the plastic used in making cosmetic tubes to the plastic wrap found on meat packaging. By creating these materials, we are facilitating a thriving society. The global challenges around plastics are in the disposal, recyclability and overall responsible use of the material. Manufacturers like LyondellBasell are developing innovative and practical solutions to address the plastic waste challenge. For instance, our company is committed to zero loss of plastic pellets from our operations, and this month participated in Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) Week to help meet this goal.

“Doing our part to create a more sustainable future includes the responsible management of plastic pellets,” said Jim Seward, LyondellBasell senior vice president, Research & Development, Technology & Sustainability. “Operation Clean Sweep Week is a practical and important way we can make a difference in the environment and the health and safety of our people.”

Seventy-five LyondellBasell polymer manufacturing facilities around the world participated in OCS Week. Site personnel focused on thorough site-wide "sweeps” by cleaning up pellets around railcar loading areas, ditches and warehouses. Employees also raised awareness about pellet loss and implementing preventative measures.  

“We are responsible for preventing the loss of pellets from our operations, and OCS Week is a great opportunity for sites to share best practices on the steps they are taking to prevent pellet loss,” said Jim Gooris, LyondellBasell manager, Environmental Issues. “We go the extra mile to ensure we prevent pellet loss across the value chain. For example, we established a tracking system and dashboard and have regular communication with our customers and distribution centers to mitigate pellet loss from open rail cars.”

LyondellBasell is a member of OCS, the plastics industry’s global initiative that promotes collaboration, training and education in controlling and reducing the loss of pellets, flakes and powders. In 2019, LyondellBasell committed to OCS Blue, a U.S. program that enhances the management, measurement and reporting requirements of unrecovered plastic releases into the environment from plastics facilities.

“It is important that we are part of the solution to end plastic waste in the environment,” said Rob Rutjes, LyondellBasell senior manager, Environmental Issues and Global Environment. “OCS is part of our operational excellence standards, and it takes a team to work together to fulfill this commitment.”

Through efforts like OCS Week and LyondellBasell’s goal of zero loss of plastic pellets from our operations, there is an opportunity to make a collective impact on the environment for a better future.

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