LyondellBasell Celebrates World Water Day

Water means a variety of things to different people, environments, and cultures around the world. Whether it is being used for health and hygiene, industry processes or nature preservation, water is something the world cannot live without. As the world continues to modernize and the global population increases, there is an even greater demand for this natural resource. In recognition of World Water Day, we want to emphasize how our deliberate steps toward sustainability and conservation help protect this invaluable resource.

“Water is fundamental to life, one of our most precious resources, and at the core of sustainability,” said Sydney Stobart, LyondellBasell sustainability analyst and program support for Global Sustainability. “Water connects people, society and the environment. With concerns around the availability, allocation and sanitation of water becoming more widespread and urgent, it is more important than ever to take action to conserve and manage this finite resource."

Providing and supporting more sustainable solutions to water conservation and efficiency is a priority at LyondellBasell. For years, the company has expanded and upgraded its product portfolio of polyolefin grades to best fit the water pipe market. LyondellBasell touches nearly every step of the water cycle, including water distribution, consumption and disposal.

From high-density pressure pipes made for supplying water, to the piping systems made for hot and cold-water installations, to sewage pipes, LyondellBasell’s polyethylene and polypropylene resins, provide dependable solutions. Through enabling strength and versatility of these pipes and resins, LyondellBasell products help protect the purity of water supplies, as well as aid in delivering clean drinking water to communities. The company’s product portfolio focuses on extensive durability and reliability. When properly designed, installed and operated, these pipes and piping systems have an expected service life of up to 100 years.

Additionally, LyondellBasell is committed to helping local communities move forward in sustainable water practices. The Galveston Bay Foundation and the Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries (CBBEP) in Texas are programs that work to protect surrounding habitats and oceans, as well as engage and educate the public.

With support from LyondellBasell, the Galveston Bay Foundation Rain Barrel Program has hosted 36 workshops resulting in the distribution of 1,700 rain barrels in the Houston-Galveston region, potentially conserving over 4.5 million gallons of water. Rain barrels are placed at downspouts to divert rainwater which would otherwise be directed to a storm drain. By reducing stormwater runoff, the amount of pollution and bacteria being introduced into rivers, lakes, bayous and the Bay is reduced.

The CBBEP works with partners like LyondellBasell to create a Coastal Bend region with cleaner water and sediment and healthier habitats. This program has funded dozens of projects that have improved water quantity and quality, as well as restored and conserved thousands of acres of coastal habitats. LyondellBasell has helped make it possible for the CBBEP to conduct environmental education programs and provide public access opportunities to further educate the community on water and environmental conservation.

Rapid urbanization and accelerating industrialization prove that water sustainability and conservation is a top priority. Water means different things to different people – and LyondellBasell is proving to be an integral piece in providing safe, innovative solutions across the globe.