LyondellBasell Donation Helps Food Bank Organizations Make Significant Impacts

The issue of food insecurity has become even more critical since the onset of the global pandemic. Food bank organizations across the globe are struggling to serve double, and in many cases, more than triple and quadruple the number of families they typically support. Recognizing the growing strain on food banks and pantries worldwide, LyondellBasell donated $1.3 million as part of the company’s COVID-19 relief efforts. The donation has enabled organizations to purchase additional food, cover increased logistics costs and expand food accessibility to serve hundreds of thousands of more families.

“Supporting efforts that mobilize a humanitarian response to address the global food crisis and build critical infrastructure in communities for a more resilient future, is important to us,” said Elizabeth Weiss, manager of Corporate Relations at LyondellBasell. “I’m proud that our company is assisting organizations that are on the frontlines every day helping feed those families hit hardest by the global pandemic.”

Summary Impact of LyondellBasell's Donation to Food Banks

Hong Kong - Feeding Hong Kong

Feeding Hong Kong has seen demand for its services increase two to threefold since the pandemic. The organization and its frontline partners have delivered more than two million meals over the last six months with help from LyondellBasell’s $10,000 donation. Additionally, the donation has enabled the organization to pivot normal distribution channels and overcome a multitude of other challenges like decreased funding, manpower shortages and limited storage and transportation.

The Netherlands - Foodbank Rotterdam

LyondellBasell’s donation to Foodbank Rotterdam went toward the purchase of an electric car to help serve fresher foods to more households. The e-car acts as a shuttle, running daily from the food bank’s warehouse to a local supermarket, delivering goods to help feed 6,000 households from Middleharnis to Utrecht. The food bank’s director said the partnership with LyondellBasell is a step toward a more sustainable future and more access to meals for clients.

“The two organizations, LyondellBasell and Foodbank Rotterdam, have a mutual interest in advancing the growth of civil society,” said Rob Boswinkel, director, Foodbank Rotterdam. “This change increases accessibility to food, promotes social inclusion and improves our clients’ independence, autonomy and dignity. We believe that this collaboration will endure, because not only both the parties, but also thousands of people benefit.”

Belgium - Fédération Belge des Banques Alimentaires

Fédération Belge des Banques Alimentaires has utilized LyondellBasell’s donation to increase support of its nine regional banks and 618 local affiliated organizations. The number of people needing food assistance has reached unprecedented levels in the country with about 170,000 per month in February to nearly 195,000 in May, nearly a 15 percent increase.  

Germany - Tafel Deutschland e.V.

LyondellBasell’s contribution has helped Tafel put measures in place to protect the health of its volunteers and customers from the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, the organization has been able to develop and implement new food distribution models, which include establishment and expansion of delivery services for high risk groups, relocation of food distribution efforts from its indoor pantry to outdoor open air forums, and prepacking food bags for delivery. Under the new model, Tafel has distributed over 5.7 million kilograms of food.

The Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos has distributed over 58 million kilograms of food throughout hard-hit areas of Spain with help from LyondellBasell’s donation. More than 1.5 million people in Spain depend on food banks for assistance.

U.S. - Freestore Foodbank

In Cincinnati, Freestore Foodbank has supported thousands of hungry families struggling to make ends meet, thanks to LyondellBasell. Since the spread of COVID-19, Freestore Foodbank has distributed more than 18 million meals.

LyondellBasell's support of these organizations is helping combat the global food crisis worsened by COVID-19. With second and third waves of the virus threatening a number of countries, LyondellBasell’s donation provides some relief for the enormous strain food banks anticipate they will continue to experience for the foreseeable future. To read more on LyondellBasell’s response to COVID-19, click here.