LyondellBasell Helps Keep Your Electric Vehicles Moving

Monday, October 3, 2022

When you think of electric vehicles (EVs), what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the new EV that was driving next to you on your way into work? Or, do you think of the EV commercial you saw last night? Rarely the answer to this question is the charge port which gives these vehicles the power it needs to keep you moving. That’s where LyondellBasell comes in – we focus on the finer details of the charge port assembly, so you don’t have to. 

With consumer demand for more efficient, high-performance, and low emission vehicles on the rise, electric powered vehicles are becoming more and more sought after and prominent in the automotive market. Consumer demand has shifted the focus of the automotive industry, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have widened their EV lineups and the number of new EV-dedicated OEMs continues to grow.  

While there are many differences in design and appearance, every EV needs a charge port assembly, which enables the vehicles’ battery charging. 

“The charge port is essential to any plug-in hybrid or full EV as it is the sole location to charge up the vehicle,” said Neil Fuenmayor, LyondellBasell, new business development manager for Automotive. “Because of how it’s used, charge port assembly components need to meet a variety of stringent requirements such as strength, durability, weatherability, and aesthetics.”  

LyondellBasell is helping OEMs bring their charge port assembly designs into production with a broad polymer portfolio coupled with technical expertise. From the outer and inner door, to the housing and sealing, LyondellBasell offers a variety of material solutions for a vehicle’s charge port assembly design.  

Engineered polymer solutions like Hifax and Schulamid from LyondellBasell provide versatility for manufacturers in the production of EV parts, such as the charge port assembly’s outer and inner doors. Hifax thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) materials provide the necessary stiffness, low thermal growth, impact resistance, heat stability, and painted Class A or molded-in-color surface performance as needed. Whereas, Schulamid glass-reinforced nylon solutions deliver high-dynamic strength, while maintaining other requirements such as high stiffness under load, temperature and chemical resistance, and hydrolytic stability.  

The internal components of a charge port assembly consist of parts such as the housing and sealing. LyondellBasell’s Hostacom glass-filled polypropylene compounds are formulated for dimensional and heat stability, impact resistance, and superior weatherability, making it ideal for a charge port housing component. When it comes to the need of sealing, LyondellBasell’s Invision materials offer manufacturers a comprehensive portfolio of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds designed for flexibility in various durometers. Invision TPE materials offer dynamic seal and close-out performance, allowing them to stand up against chemical and weathering elements. 

These solutions are just a few examples of how LyondellBasell is advancing automotive applications through a diverse polymer portfolio. The men and women of LyondellBasell are proud to help make products like charge port assemblies possible.  

Visit Hifax, Schulamid, Hostacom and Invision to learn more about these products.