By using the flexible Catalloy process, LyondellBasell has developed a new ‘phase inversed’ structure where the elastomer acts as the matrix and the polypropylene (PP) as the modifier.

Hiflex TPO resins combine the properties of  existing Hifax and Adflex TPO resins  from LyondellBasell offering easy processing, recyclability, flexibility, weather-ability, weight reduction, high thermal resistance and low gloss together with improved impact, stiffness and shrinkage performance balance when used in a compound.

Hiflex TPO resins enable customers to meet challenging requirements on performance, recyclability and processability as they offer an alternative for high-priced flexible polymers, engineering resins or metallocene polyolefin elastomers (e.g. ,C2C4 or C2C8). Hiflex TPO resins can be used directly in the manufacturing process or as a building block in compounds for a wide variety of applications.

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