Yvonne Van Der Laan, ICIS News talk company progress in building circular, low carbon solutions business

June 07, 2023

During a recent ICIS news interview, Yvonne Van Der Laan, executive vice president of Circular and Low Carbon Solutions, shares the company’s progress towards one of its strategic pillars: building a circular and low carbon solutions business. In an article titled, “LyondellBasell Circular and Low Carbon Solutions to take multi-pronged approach for growth,” Van Der Laan briefly details efforts by her team and the company to:

  • Scale MoReTec, the company’s advanced recycling technology to turn difficult-to-recycle post use plastics back into valuable raw materials

  • Invest in third-party pyrolysis oil producers, in addition to developing its MoReTec technology, to build capacity amid rising customer demand for advanced-recycled products

  • Engage further upstream in waste collection and developing plastic waste sorting and processing sites

  • Invest in mechanical recycling across strategic regions

  • Testing potential electric furnace technology, which could generate 90% less GHG emissions compared to existing furnaces

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