LyondellBasell Achieves New Clarity Levels With Metallocene-Based Polymers in Injection Molding Applications

September 04, 2008

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- With the global launch of a new experimental specialty grade, LyondellBasell Industries is announcing a clarity breakthrough for a premium-performance, metallocene-based polyolefin copolymer.

LyondellBasell's new RM2073 resin, which is produced using the company's proprietary single-site catalyst technology, has been developed to provide extremely high clarity as a cost-effective alternative to polycarbonate (PC) in injection molding applications. It is also an ideal substitute for glass or for other amorphous, transparent polymers, such as polymethyl-methacrylate or styrene acrylonitrile.

"Using this premium grade, injection molders can achieve 2 percent haze in a 1-mm thick plaque. Transparency at that level can now be compared to PC and other engineering polymers that deliver glass-like clarity. This performance opens the door for a variety of new opportunities," explained Amit Gupta, LyondellBasell's Global Marketing Manager for the new resin.

In addition to the transparency improvements, the high melt flow (40' g/10min) of RM2073 offers excellent shear-thinning behavior, which can mean improved output for molders. The flow characteristics present opportunities for reducing wall thickness or part density. Significant improvements in chemical resistance can also be achieved.

This grade exhibits better environmental stress crack resistance when compared to PC. RM2073 also requires lower processing temperatures compared to PC, which should translate into lower energy costs for the injection molders and better overall economics. Its added rigidity is ideal for those applications requiring strength as well as thin walls. RM2073 is expected to be used in a wide range of injection molded applications including food and beverage packaging, foodservice trays/covers, drinking cups/pitchers, storage containers, CD/DVD cases and technical products.

"With the excellent performance properties and the high level of purity of metallocene-based polyolefin copolymers," Gupta added, "RM2073 can be also explored for use in medical device applications."

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