LyondellBasell Expands Its Purell Portfolio for Healthcare Applications with Two New Polypropylene Grades

February 10, 2016

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, February 10, 2016 – LyondellBasell (NYSE: LYB), one of the world's largest plastics, chemical and refining companies, today introduced Purell grade HP548N, a polypropylene (PP) resin offering improved rigidity, and Purell grade RP315M, a PP resin with an exceptional balance between mechanical and optical properties. Customers report that in application Purell HP548N offers the potential for faster cycle time, while Purell RP315M excels in the production of cast film.

These two grades are part of the Purell Healthcare Service Concept, which offers consistency of formulation, continuity of supply, single sourcing and compliance to regulatory requirements. With these two products LyondellBasell expands its portfolio of Purell resins used in pharmaceutical, healthcare, laboratory and diagnostics applications.

Improved Rigidity

Outperforming other homopolymer polypropylene grades, Purell HP548N offers improved stiffness, which is a property highly valued by customers when rigidity is required for certain medical applications. This grade is an ideal homopolymer for injection molding technology and offers an optimized balance between fluidity, stiffness and crystallization behavior. Customers report that this grade provides advantages during processing, such as time, cost and energy savings. Purell HP548N is used by customers in vials, pill strips, medical devices, syringe plungers and rigid containers.

Exceptional balance of properties for cast film applications

Purell RP315M is a random copolymer that offers a good balance of physical/mechanical and optical properties for cast film applications. This new resin features excellent sealing performance, an additive package containing slip and anti-blocking agents, low gel content with good optical and aesthetic properties and a wide processing window. Some typical customer applications for Purell RP315M include packaging of medical devices, cosmetics, flexible packaging, labware and caps and closures for the pharmaceutical industry.

"The Purell family of grades offers industry-defining products based on LyondellBasell’s pioneering resin and manufacturing technology developments,” said Rodney Fox, Marketing Manager of LyondellBasell Polypropylene Healthcare Europe. “The new grades Purell HP548N and Purell RP315M not only extend our Purell product range for healthcare applications, but they also help us to address the specialized product needs of our customers”.



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SOURCE: LyondellBasell Industries
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