LyondellBasell’s Polybatch 73641 NIR Black obtains COTREP Certification

January 11, 2022

Rotterdam – January 11, 2022 – LyondellBasell’s (NYSE: LYB) black color masterbatch Polybatch 73641 NIR has obtained the COTREP certification, which demonstrates that plastics containing these masterbatches can be separated using conventional Near-Infrared (NIR) sorting equipment.

Black and dark-colored plastics are difficult to sort in post-consumer waste because they are not visible to the optical or NIR detectors which are widely used in material recycling facilities. When black and dark plastics cannot be sorted by color or polymer type, they will enter the waste stream destined for landfill or incineration, or reduce the value and opportunities for re-use of the sorted plastic material.

COTREP, the French Technical Committee for the Recycling of Plastic Packaging, established by Citeo, Elipso and Valorplast, assists manufacturers in the development of recyclable plastic packaging solutions to support the circular economy.

“We are very pleased to offer Polybatch 73641 NIR with a COTREP certification which is designed for circularity,” says Núria Vallespí, Marketing Manager, Color Concentrates at LyondellBasell. “When customers and brand owners choose Polybatch 73641 NIR, they create the possibility to support the circular economy by enabling existing sorting technology to effectively separate and avoid plastic waste.”

LyondellBasell’s Polybatch 73641 NIR is part of the company’s NIR detectable black masterbatch range that enables the sorting of black plastic articles in post-consumer waste streams. Different products are recommended depending on the customer needs and polymer base. Besides the NIR sortable black series, LyondellBasell offers a range of NIR sortable colors covering a broad color palette.

Polybatch is a trademark owned and/or used by the LyondellBasell family of companies.