Lyondell/Equistar Highlight Key Products for Personal Care Market at SCC Supplier's Day

May 06, 2002

HOUSTON, May 6, 2002 - Lyondell Chemical Company (NYSE: LYO) and Equistar Chemicals, LP will showcase their line of products for the personal care market at the 2002 Society of Cosmetic Chemists' (SCC) Supplier's Day in Seacaucus, New Jersey, May 14-15. Information on the companies' offerings will be on display at Booth #205.
Together, Lyondell and Equistar supply an array of products to the personal care market including glycols, P-series glycol ethers, solvents, ethanol, ethanolamines and polymer powders that are widely used to improve formulation texture and stability. Highlighted at the show will be MPDiol® glycol and Microthene® powder.
MPDiol glycol is a unique branched diol that provides excellent solvent and humectant attributes, which improve homogeneity and enhance microbial properties. It is ideal for use as a neutralizer, emollient, emulsifier and humectant as well as a fragrance carrier and carrier solvent. In many formulations, the glycol is a direct replacement for propylene glycol or 1,3 butylene glycol.
Microthene is a spherical, microfine polymer powder that improves flow uniformity in both powder and liquids. It provides a soft and silken feel in the final product yet is sufficiently rugged to help mixing and dispersion of additives during the formulation and manufacturing process.

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